#39 making cheesecake cupcakes

it is my co-worker erin's birthday today, and in honor of that, i wanted to make something delicious to celebrate her yesterday. i knew she liked cheesecake, so i went on a cheesecake hunt at the store two days ago. while there, my decision-making skills were not functioning. i must have been a sight - a pregnant woman pacing between the bakery, frozen foods, jello section, and baking section. it probably looked like i was having seriously fluctuating cravings. 

i glanced at the premade stuff in the bakery and decided it was a bit too pricey for what you'd get.
i checked out the frozen sara lee stuff and decided the same.
i scanned the section with the jello no-bake cheesecake and decided it was too risky. i'd never made it before, and i didn't want to ruin her birthday dessert.
so i ended up in the baking section, faithful funfetti in hand. i walked about halfway to the checkout when i stopped and thought, "NO! you can make the cheesecake, emily! it's in a box! you don't ruin food that comes in a box!" 
i put back my funfetti (reluctantly - i just love a good funfetti cupcake) and grabbed two boxes of cheesecake kits, and checked out.

i decided that the least messy way to serve the cheesecake would be in cupcake form. i plopped 24 liners into my handy dandy cupcaker holder (thanks, behrns family), stirred the crust mix, pressed a bit into the bottom of each liner, whisked some milk into the cheesecake mix, spooned a bit into each liner, and refrigerated. an hour later, i squeezed some fruit onto each cupcake and voila!
(this is not a picture of my actual cheesecakes, but they seriously looked exactly like these. except i made both cherry and strawberry.)

it ended up delicious, the office was impressed, and erin liked it too, which was the most important part.

this is a first that i will repeat. maybe a lot.