farewell, anything once.

So, I just set new goals for this blog, promising to write more blah blah blah.
But then, a week after I set those new goals, Zoe proposed a joint blogging endeavor centered around the fact that we've been long distance for most of our friendship, but still have a super solid, deep friendship. I'll still write about new experiences there, but I'll also write a bunch of other stuff. And so will Zoe. And she's awesome. And if you were planning on writing a guest post for me - PLEASE still do. It'll just go on the new blog.

In conclusion, thanks for reading this blog, you faithful handful, and please check out the new one and follow it! We'll have fresh content daily, with everything from more anything once to movie reviews to photography to random thoughts. See you on the flip side: www.longdistancelobsters.com