#24 video chatting

okay, i have skyped before. i sound like an 83 year-old woman, writing that i've never "video chatted" before. i may as well have written that it was my first time using one of these fancy typewriter contraptions to making moving picture advanced telegraph communications. or something. anyway, like said 83 year-old woman, i have only skyped a couple of times and only in group situations, like last new year's eve when our east coast westmont crew skyped with our west coast westmont crew.

this time was new for three reasons:
1. it was through google chat, which is why i'm calling it video chatting instead of skyping. or is calling it video chatting similar to calling kleenex facial tissues? discuss.
2. it was just me and mikkele.
3. and most importantly, it was on my brand new mac. i suppose i could write an entire post about being a new mac owner - how i feel like a cooler person now because i've been brainwashed by their shiny marketing, how the simplicity of this computer's functions truly confuse me, how i have heard two whooshing sounds while i wrote this sentence and i have no idea what they mean - but i'll refrain.

i loved video chatting with mikkele. we talked for two hours and the time flew by. i loved being able to listen like i used to when we were in person - listen fully without feeling the need to interject so she knows i'm there.

i absolutely loathe the phone (except when i'm talking to my grandma - for some reason i do well with her) for many reasons, but one reason is that you have no genuine way to indicate that you're listening. you can say "uh huh, uh huh" but that can be interpreted as "i'm painting my nails and reading a magazine while you rattle on about your life" even if your uh huhs actually mean "i care about you and what's going on in your life and i like listening to you." and i get so nervous that whoever i'm talking to will interpret my uh huhs in that nail-painting, magazine-reading way, so i end up dispensing advice or talking about similar experiences that i've had. that is NOT good listening, folks. that is selfish listening.

all this to say, video chat is neat. kind of makes me wish i had consistent internet at my apartment so i could partake more often.

in conclusion, it turns out i make this face when i am figuring new things out on the computer:


  1. yay for the east coast westmont crew meets west coast westmont crew via skype on new years eve! that was awesome :)

  2. Suggestion: Letterboxing. you are very adept at artsy craftsy stuff - and you are in a unique locale for a limited period of time. Letterboxing will be a fun, artsy craftsy way to explore your area, check it out: http://www.letterboxing.org/faq/faq.html

  3. Suggestion: Making fatty ties into skinny ties. It's not very hard and very rewarding for our tall, thin husband men. Facebook me if you need tips. ;)

  4. oh, well this warms my heart. and thanks for the weirdly unflattering picture.

  5. You're fun. I'm jealous of how fun you are. Next project: Learn sign language. Hey, try anything once.