#36 peeing on a stick

i have peed in a forest on a camping trip. i have peed in the ocean, both atlantic and pacific (oh shut up, you have too). i have peed in a cup for a physical for high school sports. but never before had i peed on a stick.

i won't go into what really started this stick adventure (i encourage you to read a biology book or ask your mom about that), but i'll tell you what triggered me wanting to take the test. you may recall my speeding ticket in the beginning of november. if not, here's a refresher: http://fazawesome.blogspot.com/2010/11/34-getting-speeding-ticket.html. my description of my breakdown after getting the ticket was not in any way an exaggeration, and it made me wonder if there were extra hormones going on. seemed the only likely explanation.

the next week, jeff and i were out to dinner with some friends and someone made a joke about me getting pregnant some time. that did it - i wanted to clear my mind and find out for sure. after dinner that night, i went to walgreens and bought a pregnancy test.

when i took the test, this is what came up:

can't tell what the response is? yeah, neither could i. when jeff got home, i rushed him upstairs and showed it to him, and both of us were confused. what did a faint line mean?! we decided not to react until we figured out what it meant.

the next day, i googled "faint pregnancy test line" (i am a brilliant researcher), and discovered that any little hint of a line meant i was pregnant and it's pretty freaking accurate. in conclusion, we're having a baby, due july 9th! (arabella would like to add, "jeff shot, he scored!" which i thought was rather crass and did not see fit to include.) 

and that's the story of the first time i peed on a stick.

the end.


  1. AHHHHHHH!!!!! That is so so so exciting!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. All the lahve to you guys!!!! So happy for you :)

  3. Woop woop, congrats!! I had a jaw-dropping smile on my face while reading this. =) SO happy for you and Jeff!!

  4. Congrats Jeff and Emily!! Your "anything once" list may increase a ton with this new little one! What a great exciting adventure :)

  5. You've inspired me. I'm going to pee on a stick & see if anything exciting happens.

  6. i'm so proud of daddy, i wonder what WILL happen if he pees on a stick... strange, very strange.... this blog makes me very happy btw...xoxo

  7. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! EMILY!!!! CONGRATS!!! IM SO EXCITED FOR BOTH YOU AND JEFF and Bubba (I think thats your dog's name)Miss you so much!


  8. Great story!! and great tags too =)

  9. congratulations! sofia's favorite pen pal is in the cooker- we're all excited to meet the little squirmer in a matter of months!!