#16 playing rummikub

on our trip to naples, jeff and i hung out with his cousin chris, chris's wife kendra, and their son jeremiah. i had never met them before and jeff hadn't seen them in 17 years, which is a shame because they are awesome. 

the night before jeff and i went back to virginia beach, chris taught us how to play rummikub. now, i had played with rummikub a lot as a child at my grandma's house, but never formally learned the game. i just liked this little guy:

what child wouldn't want to play with a tile that features a bald, wrinkly, sarcastic bitty moon man?!

turns out he's the joker. who knew? 

anyway, rummikub, much like scrabble, is a near perfect game: there's a delightful balance between luck and strategy. since i was new, i was pretty light on the strategy, and my luck seemed rather thin that night too, but i could see myself getting into this game. now i just need to buy it.  


  1. I'll play it with you! I've tried playing it with Caitlyn, the 4 year old I babysit, but she doesn't really get the concept yet.

  2. We have it! Come over and play!

  3. hey, you'll have to refresh my memory, but awful waffle taught this to me at grandma's house! awesome time:)