#20 watching a pink floyd laser show

the dream: a pink floyd laser show will be totally far out. i mean, psychadelic, man. i will be instantly transported into the groovy 70s, dig? the whole evening will be peace, love, soul. i'll be mesmerized by the funkadelic array of dancing light and fog and general trippiness. to sum up, the night will be, in my father's words, "bitchin'." 

the reality: we showed up at the beach. we drank some wine to get a little loose while still remaining within the law. we arrived at the wrong street on the beach, so we followed the green lasers to the show. once there, we plopped in front of a billowing screen and watched some mediocre line drawing animation before getting bored and leaving. 

things i discovered:
1. you probably actually have to be high to enjoy this. like, with illegal substances. boooooo.
2. it's probably way cooler at an indoor show - like at the griffith park observatory, where i first heard of pink floyd laser shows.
3. i don't actually like pink floyd. the repetition grated on my nerves. i might have enjoyed a led zeppelin show better.
4. lasers aren't as cool as they sound. can someone explain the difference between a movie and a laser show? why should i have been impressed?
5. and finally, i discovered that i don't know how to properly punctuate the last word in my first paragraph above. it doesn't look right. oh well. this first was a failure. 

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