#18 flossing my teeth with my hair

once upon a time (the time being june 8 at approximately 8:07 pm), we ate corn on the cob at a family barbecue. now, i'm normally a cut-the-corn-OFF-the-cob kind of girl, but this time i decided to dive in face first and typewriter that cob into oblivion. 

which is why i ended up with corn stuck - nay, wedged! cemented! permacorned! - between my teeth. there was no floss in sight, and i hadn't packed any because we were on vacation and i don't work on vacation. flossing is work, don't you agree? stop judging me.

i asked my brand new cousins, chris and kendra, if they had brought floss. they hadn't. so we rifled through the drawers at the condo where they were staying. still no floss. 

i went a full three hours with permacorned teeth and played rummikub, which i'm now realizing i probably lost because of the distraction of the evil corn. by the time we returned to our hotel for the evening, it was driving me nuts. 

so i did the only thing i could think to do and flossed my teeth with my hair. gross? yes. effective? you bet. that anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner is starting to pay for itself. 

in conclusion: 


p.s. i. love. corn. almost as much as winning. i do not really think corn is evil. i just like it best when it's in not my teeth. 


  1. I'm glad you've kept up your blog. The descriptions of your experiences are perfect. :)Keep up all the firsts!

  2. Emily, I just discovered your blog...and I LOVE this post. I actually said to dylan just now, "this is why I love emily". I'm not going to lie, I've considered using my hair before, but mine is so dang thin and fine. Guess I should invest in some of that shampoo...

  3. thanks, calli! i think you need to have a first baby VERY SOON. also, our best virginia beach friends are from texas! one is from austin! :)