#40 getting drooled upon by a human

i admit, i thought this one would happen about six months from now. instead, it happened at lunch today.

this is my husband, jeff:
isn't he cute? doesn't he look friendly, intelligent, caring, hott, and (most importantly) tall? well, if you can't tell all that from the picture, take my word for it. he is all those things and more. just this week, he endured a shopping trip to motherhood maternity with me, where the saleswomen apparently get their training from old national geographic videos about vultures. swoop swoop swoop. instead of complaining (like me), he said he likes shopping with me almost as much as shopping for himself, and for various reasons, i believe him. he's that great. oh, and he's 6'3". a tower of hunkiness. and he makes excellent grades in graduate school, so BOOM! proof of intellect. 

okay, now that you all know i love this jeffrey and am proud to be married to him, let's move on to the real post.

after eating today, my stomach was making noises that would frighten that child from the grudge. jeff decided that was eiley (our pending child) trying to communicate with him, so of course he put his mouth straight to my stomach and talked back. "HELLOOOOOO EILEY, THIS IS YOUR DAAAAAAD." this was cute. then he raised his mouth and i saw a long strand of spit emerging. this was disgusting. there was even a little wet spot remaining on my belly.

the dude drooled on me. 

this is probably a better picture for this post:
yeah. he looks way more like a drooler here.


  1. it only gets worse from here...

  2. That story is hilarious Emily! I loved it!

  3. Just prepariing you for the moistness that is motherhood.
    I love your tags for this post, btw.

  4. hahahahahahah LOVE it!

  5. A tear actually came to my right eye, I was laughing so hard :)