#44 making butterbeer!

i've recently taken a hiatus from imbibing since jeff and i agreed that we want eiley to be as normal as possible before we start messing her up. the lack of alcohol is not a huge deal, though i do miss wine on the occasion ("the occasion" being new year's, game nights, bachelor nights, and saturdays). so when chad suggested we make butterbeer, a completely non-alcoholic beverage, i was excited on several levels: 
1. it sounds like something a pudgy frat boy would drink, which makes this knocked up chick feel cool.  
2. it's inspired by a brilliant piece of modern fiction, and i like books.
3. it provided an opportunity to use my awesome aprons.

chad and courtney came over, and we got straight to cooking. first we made butterscotch, which apparently only requires heating up some water, butter, rum extract, cider vinegar, and approximately a bucket of brown sugar. culinary miracle! we let that cool, scooped it into some glasses, and added cream soda. it tasted like a delicious heart attack. seriously, it was so sugary that i couldn't even partake of the brownies we made. and brownies are my favorite.

this first was a success, even though i subsequently had my first night of being kept awake from someone kicking me in the intestines. apparently fetuses can get hopped up on sugar. 

pictures to follow because my stolen borrowed internet is too slow for uploading pictures.

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  1. Sounds yummy!! Don't drink any before your gestastional diabetes test though. I made the mistake of eating a brownie for breakfast that day...(what? Brownies are awesome!) and ended up with high sugar levels and had to go in for the fasting test. Not fun.