#46 writing a song

there are many talented songwriters in my life. my friend katie wrote an impressive ditty about a crush she had on a boy at the ymca once, and it moved me. my co-worker, thomas-steele, has recently mastered the auto tuner and writes what are sure to be future dance hits. (my personal favorite is "fish nuggets.") and (seriously now) my little brother, steven, is absolutely gifted in writing songs of worship. so i thought i'd give it a shot, if only for one evening.

this was not a successful first, for many reasons:
1. the lyrics are ridiculous.
2. the tune is atrocious.
3. i use the word "modicon," when i meant "modicum." turns out modicon is both the name of the first programmable logic controller and an oral contraception. either way, i have idiot moments at 0:59 and 1:04. 

a more dignified blogger would not post this. but i say dignity shmignity! this song is entitled "it won't tune." enjoy?


  1. wait...i need to clear my blurred vision and wipe my tear stained cheeks... that was lovely, oh and MAJOR kudos for the "fiddle faddle" usage...

  2. love it! wow i've missed your amazing voice. and pregnancy REALLY suits you! you and your hair look so gorgeous!! more songs please.

  3. TEE HEE!!!! So funny....I am now summoning Chris to come upstairs and watch with me! Makes me miss you!!!