#48 blogging semi-consistently for an entire year

Happy anniversary, blog. You are inanimate and thusly incapable of emotion, but hey, congratulations anyway. 

In honor of this thrilling occasion, I have decided to make some blogular goals for the pending year. Ready? Go!

1. Start using correct capitalization. This is lame, but I promise it's a semi-rational decision. I figure that it has always been a dream of mine to write for a living, and perhaps blogging could be a way to start, and perhaps if I wanted to show my blog to a potential employer of some sort, I should demonstrate a slightly more comprehensive command of the English language. There are a lot of perhapses in there, but a girl has to try. 
2. Attempt to get more guest bloggers. I love writing, but I also love editing want this to be a forum for others to share their firsts. So let me know if you'd be willing to bust out a post. 
3. Post more often. Lofty goal time! Let's go with three posts per week. I should be able to do this with a combination of regular firsts, guest posts, and a new segment I'll call Reruns (memories of past firsts - don't worry, I'll keep these clean). 

That is all. Questions? Complaints? Offers to write a guest blog? Leave a comment below.

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