#50 getting my blood drawn four times in one day

This first combined two things I hate: Needles and even numbers. I guess I should be thankful that they didn't have a clown taking my blood.

So, I'm pregnant (in case you somehow missed that) and it turns out being pregnant is strikingly similar to being a lab mouse. This week's test was for gestational diabetes. I admit, I don't fully understand what the ramifications will be if I am diagnosed with that; however, I
do know that the test ruined the first half of my week.

For three days before the test, I was on a special high carb, high sugar diet. Sounds kind of fun, right? Wrong. Being
forced to eat a dozen cupcakes in three days is not awesome. I started to resent them, and it's never good to feel such emotions toward inanimate objects. Especially inanimate objects that have sprinkles.

The night before the test, I had to fast starting at midnight. Don't worry, I had a snack at 11:45. The day of the test, we arrived at the doctor's office ready to go. The lab tech took my blood, then I drank an orange, syrupy drink, and then we waited. I won't bore you with the whole four hour visit. Here are highlights:

  • Due to my lack of caffeine, I may have been less than cordial to the first nurse we saw. Sorry, lady! I adjusted my attitude after meeting with her, but I still feel medium bad.
  • I usually lay down for anything with needles. Well, I did so well with the first blood draw, I decided to be brave and sit in a chair for the second one, like the rest of the grown ups.
  • I learned my lesson and laid down for blood draws three and four.
  • I had four different nurses ask if I'd left a urine sample. These people really should work on their small talk.
  • I'm rocking some track marks. I'm so street, yo.
  • Okay, it doesn't look quite this bad.
    Courtney enhanced the ugly for dramatic effect.
  • Man, chicken nuggets and diet coke taste good when you haven't eaten in 12 hours.
In conclusion, this is a first I do not want to repeat. Ever. Good grief. This child better be freaking adorable.


  1. So because I had to have a thyroid panel done, my doc didn't want to order this test for me until we got results back. By the next time I go in I will be 30 weeks and I am PRAYING she just decides I'm too far along and that we should probably just skip the whole thing. Sounds logical, right?

  2. oh dear...the fact that cupcakes were considered torture in this little endeavor is so sad...but 4 times to be stuck by needles? we would concur that THAT is just wrong...glad it's over for the moment:) and yes, eiley will be freakin' adorable, how could she NOT be;) xoxo