#31 attending a (political?) rally

i am politically apathetic. i'm not proud of it, and sometimes i am pretty darn ignorant, but it just has never interested me. before you get all huffy and lecture me about how important all that is, let me tell you that i know it's important. i really do. i just choose to find other things more important. sorry.

anyway, since i'm politically apathetic, i've never attended any kind of political rally. so when the opportunity to attend a non-political political party arose, i knew i had to seize it. comedy central's jon stewart and stephen colbert put on the rally to restore sanity and the march to keep fear alive this saturday in d.c. and jeff and i went along with some friends. if i attempted to write out every thought from that day, your eyes would fall out of your face, so here are some highlights:

1. when we arrived at the metro, the line was approximately 1.5 hours long. don't worry, jeff and shep cut. luckily, arabella and i did not know they were cutting at the time, as we would have disapproved and thus been stuck there forever. 
2. the trains were all packed, so squeezing on was like giving birth to a baby. i only say that because the crowd was chanting "push! push! push!"
3. once on the train, i felt rather certain that i might die there. arabella's face was smashed against my chest, my left arm was pinned to my side, my right arm stuck in the air. it was terrifying, but i lived.
4. there were so many people at the rally that we could not get close enough to hear anything. one line i did hear sung, though, was "this is for gay men who watch football and straight men who watch glee," and that made me happy.
5. i wish we had just picked a spot on the sidelines and people watched all day. i saw bert and ernie, a devil, a super hero from kick-ass, a werewolf (who scared me and arab), a whole group of people in scream costumes, a clown, ben stiller's royal tennenbaums character, david bowie in the labyrinth, and at least five waldo's. and those are just off the top of my head.
6. people were perched everywhere: on light poles, atop port-a-potties, in trees. one group of trees had so many people danging from them that it looked like the von trapp family in sound of music. or maybe they looked like monkeys. either way - amusing.
7. the signs were amazing. some were definitely political, but the ones i really appreciated were just witty. top five: "MEH." "dumbledore's army for sanity." "bring back crystal pepsi." "God hates times new roman." and "if you keep shouting like that you'll get big muscles all over your face." amazing.

colbert estimates that approximately 6 billion people attended the rally, and i believe it. so all in all, i'm really just grateful to still be alive. next time we'll just stay home and watch it on tv. 


  1. Daddy:

    Sometimes I have to stop and think about the difference between former and latter, so my heart stopped for a brief moment when I read your comment.