guest post #2 falling down stairs and getting trapped in an elevator all within five minutes

this post was written and experienced by the lovely angelique gordon. she and i would both like you to imagine it as a modern day silent film. i suggest listening to olde-tyme piano to properly get yourself in the mood.

So I was going down the stairs because I had to pick up a key from the administration building. I was in a hurry, so I was running down the stairs in heels, which is a norm, but this time it was not so normal:

I went down 1/2 a flight of stairs with no problem.
I was about 1/2 way down another flight when all of a sudden I saw a coffee spill but thought it wouldn't bother me.
About that time, with only five stairs to go, I slipped on said coffee and fell down said five stairs.
To add insult to injury, someone saw me. My shoe was still on the last stair my foot touched, and this gentleman was running to my rescue, and when I tried to convince him that I only slipped on one stair he said, "But I saw you roll down." I grabbed my shoe, and continued down the final flight of stairs to get to my destination.

A couple of minutes later, I was back upstairs and realized that I had to pick something up from downstairs again. Rather than attempting the stairs again, I decided to take the elevator. Seemed safer.
I went into said elevator and went down one flight successfully, but as I was passing the second floor the power went out. No light. No functioning hey-I'm-stuck-in-an-elevator button. And no working phone -  not in the elevator and not in my pocket.
About the time my biggest fear of "I'm going to die in an elevator and nobody knows I'm here" started to kick in, the light turned on. I felt a temporary hope, but then the elevator was still not moving. Panic started to sink in, so I did what any rational person would do and went into the corner and started to freak out. Then I started to jump, thinking the elevator would start to move. Finally, I pulled myself together and simply pressed the first floor button again and finally reached my destination of the first floor. 

I ran out of the elevator like I had my hair on fire.

The end

a note: the photo above is a pre-enactment. as in, it's not actually from today (angelique said it's from a rough day at disney world, which didn't surprise me - you would never see this pose at disneyland), but it does accurately depict how ang felt after this debacle. 

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