#33 watching my sister dance with a complete stranger at a bar

if you had told four years ago emily that on november 6, 2010 i would be at a crappy line dancing bar in virginia with my husband, my sister, a bunch of actors, and a guy named morris sheppard iii, i would have laughed at you. but it happened. it really did. 

for jenna's birthday this year, she requested a meal at my place followed by "somewhere random like karaoke, a pool place, or a dive bar." so i researched a whole lot, and came up with the banque in norfolk.

oh, but first we had a pot roast dinner, and that was also a first, but it doesn't quite seem notable since all i had to do was brown the meat and put it in my crock pot in the morning with some broth and a few other ingredients. it did end up delicious, but i didn't purchase nearly enough for the eight people we had over. oh well, we all lived.

after dinner, we headed over to the banque. wow. it was majestic. my top five people:
1. the rather large woman who was wearing a tiny camisole and short skirt. it wasn't flattering, but it was fun watching her dance because she was so freaking confident. 
2. the older lady in the bright pink cowboy shirt with the bedazzled jeans and tiny tiny tiny tiara hair clip.
3. the older man who was with that lady, wearing a matching bright pink cowboy shirt and a hawaiian lei (i think it was his birthday)!
4. the guy with the giant black cowboy hat and the motivational shirt (teamwork!) who helped our group when we attempted a line dance.
5. the guy with the green striped shirt who was tearing up the dance floor, adding extra pizazz and general hoppingness to the line dances.

since it was jenna's birthday, her amazing roommate, cara, wanted jenna to have a knowledgeable dance partner. she brazenly approached a guy in a flannel shirt (who received a rather rude nickname from us by the end of the night) and he said he'd ask jenna to dance in the next slow song. we soon saw him dancing with some other chick who wasn't even cute. (later in the evening, i saw him line dancing full force in the wrong direction, so karma did its job, if you believe in that hooey.) cara next approached person #5 listed above, and he danced with jenna not once, but TWICE. amazing. this was certainly my first time seeing her dance with a complete stranger at a bar, and i hope it's not my last. unless, of course, she gets married soon and bears me a blood-related niece or nephew.

the end.

p.s. sorry for the blurriness, but wanted you to know that we were oh so daring. 

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  1. okay, seriously? this visual is SO visual and i can't stop smiling...