#11 tending to a gaping wound

i admit, "gaping" might be a tad strong. more accurately, this wound was oozing with blood and swelling like fresh melons, and the surrounding bruises came in an array of colors that would make the good folks at pantone dizzy with excitement. i have issues with needles and vomit (and clowns, but that seems irrelevant here, doesn't it?) but apparently i can handle caring for someone with blood falling out of him. it helped that it was my husband, jeff, who took some particularly nasty stage dives this weekend. i'd probably be less likely to wipe blood off a passing stranger - that would be odd.

anyway, this dressing a wound was a first for me. it left me feeling glad that i could do something to help him and only mildly grossed out. the picture doesn't do it even a smidgen of justice, but enjoy. note how clean the wound looks.
tomorrow: becoming an expert on an obscure historical event. suggestions please!


  1. Gah.

    (Averting my eyes...)

    okay...how about an expert on the Turkish seige of Vienna in 1683?
    (Yes, I totally googled "obscure historical events"...so?)

  2. I'm enjoying learning about the little boy Princes who were murdered (or were they...) in the Tower of London during the War of Roses. Pretty interesting stuff. Also, this event is discussed in the next Philippa Gregory book you should read. Nice product placement BTW.


  3. You did a great job taking care of the Hubs! Now, were you wearing a nurse outfit, too?

    Arabella is weird. And I don't have any suggestions for obscure historical events...But I can't wait to hear about it!

  4. well go YOU... come on, you had a bit of experience not keeling over with blood and ewwwwage when i skidded on my head with the scooter:) good fun... no passing out and look at how aMAZing a job you did for jeffrey... obscure historical event? the invention of the zipper... actually the pulling portion of the zipper (uh, that would be the zipper pull...) just thinking out loud... love you...xoxo

  5. obscure historical event: the period of time when Texas was its own country. please report back.