#1 doodling

doodling is serious business.

i tried to not care what it looked like, but then everything turned out blobby. i even tried to not really care about what i was drawing, but then i couldn't think of anything to draw at all. so i decided to use word association and literally draw anything that came to mind, which is why i ended up with a scribbled depiction of a goat, a can, and a boot with a rose in it. i used to think i was an intelligent being, but i'm starting to think i'm just strange.

i tried posting pictures of the monstrosities, but i can't seem to figure out how to send pictures from my phone. boo.

today's anything will be baking bread from scratch. i attempted to make cinnamon rolls from scratch once, and i ended up with a lump of wet dough stuck to the counter that took considerable effort to clean. i'm hoping, of course, to succeed at the bread. but my more realistic hope is merely to not make too big a mess.

till tomorrow. (i just learned that 'till' is an acceptable english word, so i'm going to use it, darn it!)

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