#7 karate chopping

once again i didn't have time for decoupaging yesterday. last night, at 11:41 pm, some friends asked me what new thing i'd done that day. i told them nothing, i was going to have to take a fail that day. they found this unacceptable, especially since there was still a solid 19 minutes remaining in the day. we quickly brainstormed options: i declined standing on my head for five minutes because it sounded unnecessarily painful, and then i settled on their suggestion of trying to karate chop a magazine in half for one minute. 

jeff held the magazine, and i chopped. and chopped. and chopped. HI-YA! 

while i did not succeed in a clean break, i did cause surprisingly significant damage to both the magazine and my pinkie finger. we used food and wine magazine though - i can't help but think that people magazine would have been an easier task. weak binding, you know? these are things i should have considered before the choppage - i am learning so much.
in conclusion, i am officially a wimpy ninja! 

tomorrow: decoupaging and selling? meh?


  1. Hey, slacker...what's up with two days and no posts? : )

  2. i chopped an inch thick wooden board in half with my fist. i have the board to prove it. thank you, self-defense class.