#6 eating seafood

tonight i went to mccormick and schmick's for dinner with my friends erica and arabella (arabella is not friend 2's real name, but she asked if she could have a fake name on the blog and i said yes - arabella is what she would like to name her daughter someday, but her husband and i have both vetoed that due to the fact that arabella is obviously the name of some sword-wielding medieval fantasy heroine, so she's going to have to settle for having it as her online pseudonym).

i told my friends that i wanted to try some seafood - i can only recall trying tuna from the can and some barracuda on my honeymoon, so any seafood would do. erica ordered a calamari appetizer and arabella ordered coconut shrimp. i started with a little piece of calamari that had a lot of batter on it. it tasted like batter, which was great. then i went for the shrimp. i gracefully attempted to bite half of the shrimp off, but the texture completely freaked me out and i spit the entire thing back into my hand. i don't know erica all that well, so i'm glad i was able to make that impression early on. a couple minutes later, i manned up and shoved the shrimp in my mouth (minus the tail - apparently you're not supposed to eat that). i chewed a few times, then quickly swallowed it. i will probably never eat shrimp again, though i would be delighted to have more foods fried in coconut batter. yum!

to top things off, i tried a scallop doused in alfredo. it tasted like alfredo. this was good. and i ended with cod - beer battered fish. it was greasy. this was meh.

therefore, i tried FOUR new things today. holler. and i never have to eat those fish again - i can say "no thanks, i've tried it. and i don't like it."

the end.

tomorrow: decoupaging and selling for real.


  1. trying to remember all the foods that weird you out . . . how bout trying Indian or Ethiopian food? two foods i resisted until forced by bay area friends - but now love!

  2. i have tried indian twice and found many things i liked, especially all of it drenched in plum sauce. yum!

    but i've never tried ethiopian - good idea!

  3. You did so well and I was so impressed. So was, um, Arabella.

  4. I can't believe you ate fish!!! and 4 different kinds no less. quite impressive. also, I know a real live baby named arabella. actually, I think it's her middle name, but legally it's in there.