anything once

so i was watching friends yesterday - something i do every day since my husband purchased all ten seasons for us - and ross made a new year's resolution to do something new every day. i thought that was a great idea and something i'd like to try, even though ross's resolution ended with him exiting a date's bathroom pantless with lotion and baby powder smeared all over his sweaty legs. i will simply avoid purchasing leather pants as one of the things i've never done.

today's new thing is:
#1 purposeful doodling. i plan to purchase a notebook tonight and doodle something exquisite. i will post results soon. i hope to doodle regularly (don't be icky, i am referring to drawing), but for now i'll start small and just have one doodle as my goal.

in conclusion, this is the first post on this blog even though i've had it for over a year, so i feel like i should do some kind of introductory something or other. so, here goes:

i am emily.
nice to meet you.

end scene.


  1. i LIKE it... i just watched that episode last week of ross and his sweaty legs...awesome... okay, now you can return the favor and sign up on MY blog... wow, i might end up with oh uhm let's see... 4 people checking me out... i love you... love reading you too... xoxo

  2. 1) i like this idea of doing anything once. i tend to support it in my own not-as-often way, but that is my general mindset.

    2) i laughed out loud and exclaimed "WHAT!" after i read the line about doodling every day and then it referring to your drawing

    3) i just now remembered why you typed "TITANIC" at the end of that email to me the other day. it was not JUST to make an odd number. awesome. hahaha

  3. a] ooo . . . graceisgr8 has a good point - how bout some leather?
    b] also, i suggest trying to write a song - cause you sing pretty :)
    c] making a friend out of a stranger at a local eatery