#9 selling something i've decoupaged

okay, my decoupaged masterpiece is on ebay. i feel a little weird trying to sell some of my art - if you can call it art - but feel free to tell your friends, especially those who are in the market for an interesting, artsy new journal. there are many things you can use it for:

- writing a play
- making grocery lists
- recording points for a game of dominoes
- coloring pictures 
- feeding goats
- wrapping up old gum
- writing a novel
- documenting your life
- composing a song
- creating a flipbook
- fanning yourself

p.s. proof that i karate chopped a magazine. (thanks for the picture, courtney):

proof that i popped open the champagne (well, it's not really proof. in fact, this isn't even the right cork. dog ate the real cork, this is just a stand-in):
tomorrow: possibly knitting. possibly becoming an expert on an obscure historical event. possibly something even better that you suggest, keeping in mind that i'll have about two hours of free time.


  1. if I get a vote, I'll cast it for becoming an expert on an obscure historical event. If I get another vote, I'll cast it for ANYTHING except knitting. If I get a third vote, I'll cast it for joining and/or creating an a cappella group a la andy bernard. I'd ask for a fourth vote, but that's just greedy.

  2. You should add using coupons for all of the items on your grocery list to the things that you're trying.

  3. i second the a cappella group a la andy bernard!