#4 juggling

tonight i attempted to juggle. i could be good at it some day, but the odds were not in my favor tonight for three reasons:

1. i only had 40 minutes before i had to be somewhere.
2. i only had ping pong balls, which are a wee bit light for juggling purposes.
3. crazy dog.

number 3 was really the kicker. buster thought i was playing with him. i insisted several times that i was not, in fact, playing with him. i even took a different ball out for him to play with, calmly explaining that he could certainly play with his ball in the next room while i learned to juggle in the kitchen. he stared at me with the same look as yesterday, when i had tried to teach him to play dead. so my juggling practice turned into a race to get the ball each time i dropped one. there was collar grabbing, full body tackling, and one time there was panic because the ball had gone so far behind a cupboard that i didn't initially see it and i thought buster had swallowed it and i couldn't help but think of how painful it would be for the little guy to poop that.

proof that my continued inability to juggle is not quite my fault: 

please note the mangled middle ball. 

tomorrow: i will write an anonymous letter to someone i have always respected.

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